Janrain Global Data Centers

Janrain Global Data Center Footprint

Global enterprises today seek to capture and manage customer data from registrations, social profiles, on-site behaviors, transactions, demographics and mobile applications while adhering to regional regulations and ensuring positive customer experiences. Successful customer identity and access management (CIAM) platforms allow companies to deploy global customer data centers quickly and effectively, improve the performance of marketing platform integrations and adhere to stringent regional privacy regulations.

Given a longstanding investment in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Janrain can immediately launch new data centers as soon as Amazon makes new service regions available. This means that Janrain can easily and quickly accommodate growing business needs as businesses expand into new international markets.

DataCentersJanrain’s global data centers are easy to deploy and offer flexible customizations making each data center deployment available within weeks, instead of years. Janrain global data centers can:

  • Introduce options for businesses to store their customer data in-region resulting in increased performance during data retrieval.
  • Improve customer experience with reduced latency during sign-in and registration.
  • Satisfy pre-arranged business agreements or governmental mandates that require customer data to remain in-country.
  • Enable the customization of data centers, such as building a single tenant infrastructure vs. multi-tenant infrastructure, for businesses that require it.
  • Ensure business continuity by storing customer data in regions that have fewer governmental conflicts.

To ensure a strong presence in primary international markets, Janrain has made the commitment to invest in services, support and infrastructure worldwide. Businesses can rely on Janrain’s global footprint to collect and manage their customer profile data while adhering to ever-evolving regional privacy and security compliance standards

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