Rating & Reviews

Driving participation and building communities around your content

Marketers worldwide are faced with the ever-growing challenge of how to create immersive user engagement designed to increase time spent across all their digital properties.

Relevant, real-time quality content is required for driving engagement, but users are no longer happy to just passively consume content. Instead, users want to be active participants in the storytelling, interact with the content, and express and share their opinions about the content.

Adding user-generated ratings and reviews to your sites adds credibility and trust to your brand. This valuable feedback also helps customers assess relevant reviews and find the products that match their needs. When customers are able to share their feedback with ratings and reviews it empowers new visitors on your sites to make better purchasing decisions. Satisfied customers are then likely to return to your sites as repeat customers.

You can leverage the valuable real-time feedback and information from ratings and reviews to improve your products and identify customers’ needs.

Download the PDF to learn more about the features of Ratings & Reviews.

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