Social Login Trends

Since 2009, Janrain has reported quarterly social login preferences, both on aggregate and by industry segment. The narrative that has formed over the past five years shows that despite clear leaders in popularity, people value choice.

You can view our latest Identity and Social Logins Report here.

Q1 2015 Social Login Trends

This quarter’s highlights:

  • After dominating the B2B vertical with a 35% share of social logins in Q4, LinkedIn logins decreased 10% with Facebook taking the lead
  • Facebook is regaining ground lost in Q4 2014, with noteworthy growth in the Consumer Brand (9% increase) and B2B (11% increase) verticals
  • Google+ saw an overall decrease of 6% from last quarter, widening the gap with Facebook to 8% with a total share of 37%
  • Facebook saw increases in share across several key verticals, including Media, Entertainment, Consumer Brands and B2B

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