Customer Series: Introducing Customer Insights for Visualization, Segmentation & Reporting

Actionable customer data. It’s what everyone wants, and we’re finally able to show you how to get it with Janrain. Join us for our next customer-exclusive webinar to get a preview of Customer Insights, the new feature that will enable you to create meaningful user segments for better targeting and personalization. Coming soon to the Janrain dashboard, this robust analytics tool is designed to help you visualize, make sense of, and take action on customer profile data. We will discuss:

  • How you can visualize customer profile data and create segments based on demographic and psychographic attributes
  • Examples and case studies of how companies are using customer data and segmentation to personalize their marketing
  • How our upcoming product release will make Janrain’s customer profile management capabilities even more compelling and actionable for your business

We’re thrilled to be able to offer these new capabilities to our customers.

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