Customer Series: The Statesman Embraces the Weird and Goes Mobile

This webinar and its content is being made available to Janrain customers. The information contained herein is confidential and may not be copied or redistributed.

Steve Dorsey, VP of Innovation + Planning at the Austin American-Statesman and Rebekah King, Director of Customer Engagement at Cox Media Group, will show us how the Austin American-Statesman is expanding its Austin360 brand to enable customers to find and plan events around the best food, nightlife and entertainment that Austin has to offer through their new app for iOS and Android.

Join us to hear how the Statesman’s innovative approach to audience engagement is part of a broader strategy that will take engaging mobile experiences into all of Cox’s major markets and learn:

  • How a unified view of your customers across devices is critical for understanding their behavior and designing effective marketing strategies
  • How a major publisher is expanding its offerings to engage consumers across all digital platforms
  • Strategies for translating web features into unique mobile experiences
  • How Janrain enables a seamless cross-platform user experience with traditional and social registration and login
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