Enabling New Business Models with Customer Identity

Watch our recorded webinar featured speaker Andras Cser, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester and Jamie Beckland, VP of Product at Janrain as they discuss the pivotal role customer identities are playing in personalization and omni-channel customer journeys.

Hear how leading brands in media, consumer goods, and connected devices are using customer identities to evolve their business models.

  • Audience vs. Ads: Media companies are under increasing pressure to deliver more value to their audience, in an increasingly competitive ecosystem. We’ll discuss how media companies can use advertising to drive subscriptions by closing the loop between who the user is and what the brand shows them.
  • Personalization and Omnichannel: Consumer brands must go beyond the browser and connect the dots across the customer’s entire journey to remain relevant. See how the world’s leading beverage company created 11 million personalized ads and how the largest organic food retailer enables consumers to access their recipes and shopping lists across devices.
  • Connected Consumer: Connected devices continue to proliferate and introduce new privacy and security questions around the user experience and consumer awareness. Explore these challenges and learn how to safeguard consumer information and provide an intimate and satisfying experience simultaneously.


Forrester and janrain
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