Identity-Driven Marketing: Best Practices for Marketing Continuity


Best Practices for Marketing Continuity

Your customers are moving fluidly from smartphone to desktop, from television to Twitter, and oftentimes, engaging with both simultaneously. The growing complexity of the digital landscape and unwieldy customer journeys it produces cannot be understated. But it can be demystified through identity-driven marketing strategies that enable targeted, contextual, consistent and personalized interactions that drive conversion.

Our latest white paper, “Identity-Driven Marketing: Best Practices for Marketing Continuity,” reviews the foundational elements of the Marketing Continuity Framework, and introduces actionable best practices to help marketers operationalize the identity data they have. Download to learn:

  • Why the journey matters more than individual interactions in driving satisfaction
  • Tips for making segmentation actionable across every touchpoint
  • How marketing consistency goes beyond brand look and feel
  • Why context matters more than ever before
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