Access Management

Business Challenge

Once your customer authenticates, you need to control where they can go and what resources are available to them. Where did they come from? What data have they shared with you already? Do they have a free or paid account? Your customer experiences need to be controlled and gated based on who the customer is.

Our Solution Approach

We manage the details of the customer identity, so you can authorize the right users into the right places. Our platform tracks every data type and source, so you can ensure that the customer has the right rights and credentials. Our Access Management Solution works across multiple sites, legacy databases, and is certified Privacy Shield compliant, we hold a clean SOC2 Type II audit report, are HIPAA and HITECH certified, and ISO 27001 and COPPA compliant.

How the Janrain Platform Solves Access Management Challenges

Our customer identity management platform offers reliable access management to ensure the right people get access to the content they need, making it easy to manage all types of registered users and serve appropriate access permissions and process flows.

  • Registration
    Protect valuable assets and resources with required registration forms. Authenticate customers using access tokens from social networks and other third-party identity providers; or allow users to create their own identity using email address, username, and password. Customize multiple registration forms with required and optional fields, based on different content or product experiences.  Learn More »
  • Profile Data Storage
    Store and manage customer profiles, access tokens, and authentication history. Store authentication history and all historical changes of customer profile.  Learn More »
  • Single Sign-On
    Create groups or networks of websites that share authentication credentials and access in a variety of configurations. Manage single sign-on programatically across your ecosystem of digital properties.  Learn More »
  • Social Login
    Use social networks and other third-party identities to access protected resources, content, other experiences. High quality data from third-parties allows for more secure protection and compliance for age verification, identity verification, and other gates. Use exclusively, or in combination with other authentication methods.  Learn More »
  • Customer Insights
    Visualize and build segments of users who have authenticated into various endpoints.  Learn More »
  • Data Integrations
    Multiple integrations methods to provide customer profile data into multiple systems and legacy data stores.  Learn More »
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