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2 years on, Janrain continues to lead China’s customer identity market

By Jamie Beckland | Posted on May 10, 2017

2 years on, Janrain continues to lead China’s customer identity market

At Janrain, we pride ourselves on our future-focused vision and never-ending drive to innovate. To meet the needs of our enterprise clients across the globe, we have continually strived to provide the best services available, including industry-leading uptime, unparalleled scalability and round-the-clock support. That spirit has propelled our company to the head of the customer identity and access management (CIAM) industry and this month, we celebrate entering our third year in the China market.

Janrain brings customer identity management to China

Two years ago, Janrain set off on one of our most ambitious global projects yet: bringing CIAM to the Chinese market. Working with Amazon Web Services, Janrain officially introduced the first CIAM solution in April 2015 to fully facilitate Chinese consumer data.

As any brand looking to make inroads in China knows, you need to navigate a number of compliance issues to satisfy government regulations. And with cybersecurity becoming a more pressing concern in China and other international markets, customer data management is now a top priority. Violating China’s data privacy laws won’t just lead to expensive fines – it could result in the Chinese government barring your company from doing business on the mainland.

Our Janrain CIAM solution was the first of its kind to allow brands to access and store customer data in accordance with Chinese requirements, opening new opportunities for revenue growth in this security-conscious, digital world.

In addition to bringing your company in compliance with China’s strict government regulations, CIAM will drastically improve the customer experience. With CIAM, your Chinese customers will be able to enjoy a single, convenient brand touchpoint that will reduce the amount of time needed to register and sign into their accounts. By making the customer journey quicker and more seamless, you can enhance their overall experience with your brand.

Our continued pursuit for regulatory compliance

We know data security is a moving target. That’s why Janrain works tirelessly to bring our CIAM solutions in line with the latest global data regulations. With the next revision of China’s Cybersecurity Law going into effect June 2017, Janrain is ready to make our CIAM solution compliant.

Any brand with a global reach – or one planning to expand to new international territories – faces numerous logistical challenges. Data security compliance doesn’t have to be one of them, though. Whether your brand needs to align with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or China’s forthcoming cybersecurity law revisions, Janrain is here to help. Our CIAM solutions will get you through the stormy seas of data privacy laws and regulations unscathed.

Janrain has plenty to offer your growing international business. To find out more, review our global data centers data sheet.

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