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3 Insights from Gartner IAM Summit

By Robert Phares | Posted on December 19, 2018

Three Insights from Gartner IAM Summit

Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit was earlier this month, and I was excited to join thousands of identity management industry leaders. Overall, the event was as expected, a gathering of North America’s IAM elite, from IT / Security leaders to IAM practitioners and architects, and it was a great opportunity to understand the state of the industry and business trends driving identity innovation.

If you couldn’t be there, or if you’re interested in a different perspective, I’ve compiled insights from the event to keep the conversation brewing through the holidays.

  • Knowledge-based authentication is dead. Smart enterprises are finally abandoning outdated knowledge-based authentication methods that rely on personal data widely available on the dark web due to recent consumer data breaches. Multi-factor authentication is now the IAM industry standard, allowing users to verify accounts through their chosen primary communication channel, such as phone or email; however consumer adoption is still low. Enterprise leaders must continue to innovate to improve the user experience -- identity proofing and continuous authentication based on behaviors/context maintain high security while meeting consumers’ UX expectations.
  • Cloud and IDaaS are not widely adopted, yet. While getting into the cloud was top of mind for many folks I talked with, end users that only have a traditional IAM vendor will be waiting a while. I noticed some misconceptions about the difficulties getting into the cloud. Cloud-native consumer IAM vendors like Janrain have been in the cloud for years, and we were also proud to contribute to the IDaaS buzz at the event with our announcement of the industry’s first consumer IDaaS solution.
  • Consumer/Customer IAM was underrepresented. During the pre-show conference, Gartner hosted a session called “How to Select a CIAM Vendor,” which focused on tactical functionality rather than fundamental features required for consumer use cases, such as cloud/SaaS, security and availability. Otherwise, the main conference agenda lacked focus on consumer identity and access management despite the apparent need for it. Most of the people I spoke to from large, global enterprises are working on consumer use cases and are generally unaware of the capabilities CIAM-focused vendors offer compared to their existing traditional IAM vendor.

To learn more about consumer IAM and how it enables consumer use cases, start by reading how Shell built a global consumer identity ecosystem with CIAM.

Did you attend Gartner IAM Summit? We’re interested to hear some of your key takeaways. Comment on our LinkedIn or Twitter accounts to keep the conversation going.

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