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4 Reasons to Sign up for the MyOpenID Affiliate Program

By Janrain Team | Posted on November 07, 2007

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JanRain runs which offers a free affiliate program to site owners. Sign up is simple and gives you an easy way to setup users of your site with OpenID accounts. An affiliate link, when clicked on, will start the OpenID signup process for a member and when completed will log the user back in to your site automatically. Starting your members off on the OpenID creation process via an MyOpenID affiliate link makes for a better experience and makes sure the person returns to your site satisfied.

Ok so thats great, but why the MyOpenID affiliate program?

1. OpenID is the future

  • You can read through the numerous posts on the JanRain Blog,, or just check the latest news to get facts/figures/trends showing how OpenID is going supernova.
  • While you may not go OpenID exclusively, you will want to allow people to login using an OpenID. Implementing OpenID is easy and instantly opens your site’s doors to millions of OpenID account holders.
  • You will want to make getting an OpenID as easy as possible for new members.
  • As OpenID adoption increases so will the number of OpenID providers. New members will not want to have to shop around for the best OpenID provider, possibly ending up with a provider that is not reputable and spoiling that member’s experience on your site. Instead an affiliation with an established OpenID provider like MyOpenID will beneficial for the new member and your site.

2. OpenID is Core to our Business

  • JanRain actively develops many of the libraries and tools currently in use and we have an in-depth understanding of how the technology works

3. JanRain operates one of the top OpenID providers – MyOpenID

  • MyOpenID makes sure your member’s data is secure
    • MyOpenID will always use SSL when asking for sensitive information like a member’s password.
    • Our servers reside in a physically secure and monitored collocation facility.
    • There is an audit trail of all account activity, what sites an OpenID was used to login to and when, etc. are all listed when a member signs in.
    • Members can use a Client Side SSL certificate, using this certificate avoids the necessity to enter any sensitive information, such as a password.
    • Members can upload a ‘Personal Icon’ that will only show up on MyOpenID, if a site looks like MyOpenID but does not have a members Personal Icon showing, they will be able to immediately tell that they are being phished.
    • We worked with Microsoft to implement Information Card support for
    • Safe Sign-In, with Safe Sign-in activated, MyOpenID will only ask for your password on the “Sign In” page:
      • If a member is ever asked for their MyOpenID password anywhere else, they will know something is wrong.
  • MyOpenID will always support the latest and greatest OpenID specification and feature set.
    • Sending your members to a feature rich and secure OpenID provider such as will ensure they continue to have the best experience with your site.

4. Our affiliate program for MyOpenID is the best..

  • We will add you to our OpenID Site Directory
    • There is only one other…
    • Note: Even if you are not an affiliate please let us know if your site is OpenID enabled
  • Our 2nd tier affiliate program will let you sign up users with OpenID accounts in the form of (or whatever domain you choose) and host your own user pages. This is for sites that already have user pages that they want to convert to OpenID accounts.

We are confident that you will find MyOpenID to offer your members the best login and registration experience and offer you (the site operator) the best options for branding and promotion. Please let me know if I can answer any questions.

Kevin Fox

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