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4 Reasons to use Pibb for your Online Communications

By Janrain Team | Posted on October 02, 2007

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With so many online communication solutions currently available how do you chose which one is right for you?

Good news, you don’t have to… we have already done the work and laid out all the reasons why you should use Pibb….

  1. Security and Privacy
    • Add two factor authentication to your OpenID account and the task of compromising your Pibb account gets a lot more complicated
    • Every Pibb channel can be set to private so only the people you add will be able to see the content of your channel
    • Pibb uses the SSL protocol so your confidential user information stays that way
    • People can not execute programs on your computer remotely by sending you a message
  2. Versatility
    • Pibb can act as a forum, people can leave messages/carry on discussions that you can come back to and check in on
    • If two (or more) people are logged in you can easily have a real-time conversation (like Instant Messaging)
    • All channel content can be downloaded at any time making it even easier to backup/share discussions with your social network
  3. Pibb goes anywhere you go
    • Open up your favorite web browser, go to, login with your OpenID and start chatting
    • You can embed Pibb in any website, allowing you to access the same conversation from multiple locations
    • Have some members of your community that wont leave IRC ? No worries, we will setup a bot to relay messages back and forth between IRC and Pibb
    • Every public channel on Pibb has an RSS feed, copy this link and paste into your RSS reader and get all channel content via RSS!
    • Have an account on Facebook? Then install the Pibb-Facebook application
    • Pibb will work on your new iPhone
  4. Great communities available to interact with
    • Ma.gnolia
    • BarCamp
    • OpenID / OAuth
    • Ron Paul Supporters
    • The Wine Spies
    • any many more…

Check out our Pibb manual for more great features and reasons to check out Pibb.

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