ABC’s Social Hub for ‘Dancing with the Stars’

The 17th season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is underway, and enjoying good ratings, especially among younger viewers.

ABC has created a social hub for the show, where fans can interact with all the content around the shows before, during, and after the shows’ Monday night live broadcast. Fans visiting the social hub can watch videos and photos, read dancer bios, cast their votes, and much more.

The social hub’s ‘Social Scene’ is the place for fans to participate in the social conversation about the shows, and to discover trending stars.

Arktan SocialStreams extends curated real-time social content and conversation from Twitter for fan interaction on the ‘Social Scene’. ‘Tweeting with the Stars’ shows tweets posted by the stars. Fans can read, retweet and favorite the tweets, and post their @replies.

‘Dancing with the Stars on Facebook’ shows fans social content from the show’s Facebook page, including Facebook posts, photos, and videos shared about the shows.