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Announcing the New Janrain User Registration Solution

By Michael Olson | Posted on December 19, 2012

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As digital marketers and technologists, I’m sure we would all agree that user registration is a critical component of any website today. It’s difficult to develop actionable insight about, and engage with, site visitors without first understanding who they are. That’s why identity, revealed via registration, is so important – it holds the keys to driving customer engagement and more effective marketing initiatives.

We work with many organizations that operate under the constraints of legacy, homegrown registration systems. These often require significant time and resource investments to maintain, augment or revamp to ensure that sites are collecting richer, and more accurate, profile information from their registered users.

We were the first to introduce a hosted registration solution for websites back in 2010. With our latest product release, we’ve made it even easier for our customers to rapidly deploy a comprehensive user registration solution packed with features to help ensure data quality, integrity, and maximize sign-up rates.

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Here is an overview of just a few of the features supported within our next generation user registration solution, already deployed by global brands such as Mattel, Fox News, Cox Media Group, Dr Pepper, Whole Foods, the UK’s Channel 4 and others:

Customizable Data Collection Forms and Workflow

The new solution makes it easier to deploy customizable data collection forms for registration, newsletter sign-ups, polls, surveys, contests or promotions, or extending registration beyond your site by embedding forms within a branded social network presence. Dr Pepper, for example, has embedded registration forms as well as social login into custom Facebook tabs and applications to develop a deeper understanding of its fans.

Our solution also includes built in email confirmation workflows to take the hassle out of validating user identities upon sign-up.

Inline Field Validation

Our latest release has made it easier to take advantage of features that ensure data quality, such as inline field validation, dirty word filters and terms of service (TOS) acceptance. Validate email address or postal code formats in real-time, verify age or password requirements, and build integrity from the data you collect at registration.

Password Management and Reset Workflow

Our user registration solution enables you to deliver customizable password reset emails right to your user’s inbox, and handles password management and secure reset flows on your behalf.

User Profile Pages

Deploy configurable user profile pages that include name, email, demographics, photos, interests, subscription preferences and more. The solution helps build community engagement by empowering users to set individual fields in their site profiles as either public or private.

Conditional Workflows

We’ve built a new feature that allows sites to dynamically trigger new fields or flows based on previous inputs to a form, or existing profile data stored. Conditional workflows enable websites to collect richer data about their users by employing progressive profiling.

Mobile Web Optimization

These days, as much as 30% of web usage occurs via mobile phones, making it as critical ever for websites to offer optimized registration flows on mobile and tablet devices. Our user registration solution enables customers to dynamically resize registration forms and user profile pages to provide an optimal mobile and tablet web experience for user registration and profile management.

Analytics Integrations

We’ve added a powerful new JavaScript API that empowers deeper insights about conversion funnels and registration. The solution allows customers to easily integrate registration and login events into web analytics platforms such as Adobe SiteCatalyst, Coremetrics, Google Analytics and Webtrends.

Improved Speed and Performance

Lastly, our user registration solution is faster than ever. We’ve made several performance enhancements to improve response times for all user data collection forms, profile pages and field validation rules. The new version of the solution abandons any use of embedded iframes – instead, all registration forms and profile pages render via HTML, CSS and JavaScript elements that are served from within the client.

The team at Janrain has been hard at work, and we’re very excited to bring the next generation of our industry-leading user registration solution to you. As always, your feedback is welcome.

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