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AOL continues support of OpenID

By Janrain Team | Posted on August 15, 2007

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AOL has announced that they are currently supporting OpenID logins from a whitelist of OpenID providers. This list is not wholly inclusive (though MyOpenID is listed) and they are “open to accept OpenIDs from other providers too – so please contact us via AOL Developer Site with your information.”.

Some people are disappointed that AOL started out by whitelisting providers and that every AOL service does not support OpenID. While a whitelist approach may not be ideal, I believe overall this is a positive step forward for OpenID. Delegation does work and AOL seems to be open to listening to the community and developing OpenID technology further so I am willing to give them some time to get everything working together. As they mention there are many different product teams, each team with its own set of goals, deadlines and expectations. I have been ‘that guy’ bugging developers to add support for X, when it is not on their main to-do list and I do not envy the person who’s job it is to keep pinging every product team within AOL about OpenID…

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