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AOL Supporting OpenID

By Janrain Team | Posted on February 15, 2007

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This from the I’m-the-last-one-to-report department …

John Panzer of AOL announced this morning that AOL is now supporting OpenID for all of their users. This means if you have an AOL account/screenname you can now use it as an OpenID. From the article:

  • Every AOL/AIM user now has at least one OpenID URI,
  • This experimental OpenID 1.1 Provider service is available now and we are conducting compatibility tests.
  • We’re working with OpenID relying parties to resolve compatibility issues.
  • Our blogging platform has enabled basic OpenID 1.1 in beta, so every beta blog URI is also a basic OpenID identifier. (No Yadis yet.)
  • We don’t yet accept OpenID identities within our products as a relying party, but we’re actively working on it. That roll-out is likely to be gradual.
  • We are tracking the OpenID 2.0 standardization effort and plan to support it after it becomes final.

Great work John and the rest of the AOL gang! This is fantastic news and I know the OpenID community couldn’t be more excited!

Now, all you AOL users, head over to Jyte and start making some claims!

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