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Back to the Basics: Redefining Your Social Marketing Strategy

By Alexandra Larralde | Posted on September 15, 2014

Back to the Basics: Redefining Your Social Marketing Strategy

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing. The role social media plays in ongoing customer engagement is necessarily shifting toward pay-to-play—eroding the reach of organic impressions. Meanwhile, the digital customer experience has become more fragmented than ever before with cross-device usage on an upsurge, and a proliferation of channels to consume content. Customer expectations and behavior have changed too, demanding real-time social experiences from the companies with which they interact. However intimidating they may seem, these changes create incredible opportunities for growth and innovation as a marketer—and an unprecedented opportunity to impact your business’ bottom line.

Our latest white paper, “Social Marketing, Redefined: The Death of Organic Reach and the New Customer Data Imperative”, provides an overview of the evolving digital marketing landscape, and details the kinds of social features and capabilities that can help marketers ramp up engagement on the properties they control, and directly influence the metrics that matter.

We’ll also discuss case studies that demonstrate how some leading companies are leveraging user-generated content and social data strategies to not only create value for the customer, —but for the marketer as well. Through the ongoing collection and application of rich social profile and behavioral data across all of their marketing programs, marketers will create stronger opportunities to personalize content and steward consumer relationships.

We’ll try to help answer some of the more common questions marketers face:

  • What should my social marketing strategy look like as media fragmentation continues?
  • How do you keep up with customer behavior and technology, when trends and tools are constantly in flux?
  • Do you continue with your tried and true tactics and spend, or do you adapt your marketing strategy to stay ahead of the curve—and your competitors?
  • What can you do to turn customer engagement into meaningful relationships that drive repeat conversions and loyalty?

Digital marketers have the opportunity to redefine their own social marketing for their business to build high-value relationships with their most engaged customers. We encourage you to download the white paper and learn how to start bringing conversations and conversions back to the properties you own.

Download the White paper here:

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