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Consumer Research: Did Marketing Improve In 2013?

By Bill Piwonka | Posted on January 14, 2014

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Today we announced the results of Janrain’s annual US Consumer Research on Social Login and Personalization. Frankly, the key takeaway for me is that we marketers need to up our game - immediately!

Last year 98% of consumers reported being mistargeted - “an offer that clearly shows [the company] does not know who I am,” “mistakes made about basic information about me,” etc. This year only 96% reported that. Yes, the “only “ is a bit snarky - who really doubts the real number is 100%?

The fact that consumers are being mistargeted isn’t new, but what stood out to me is how many people are acting on their annoyance. Almost everyone surveyed - 94% took an action such as automatically deleting emails, unsubscribing from future correspondence, never visiting the site again, etc. It’s not just that we’re wasting our marketing dollars, we’re alienating our potential customers and causing them to shut us out completely!

The good news is that when we make it easy for consumers to interact with us online and personalize those experiences, brand loyalty, advocacy and engagement all improve. A simple way to get the data necessary to personalize these interactions is to ask for it - either through social login, registration or in the moment when the consumer sees the value of exchanging personal data for something you offer. Social login is now recognized by almost 9 in 10 people, and more than 50% of consumers use it. While they are happy with the social login experience, only 12% use it because it ensures websites are more personalized. The brands that capitalize on this opportunity are going to see outsized returns.

There’s a lot more good data in our report, so I encourage you to download it and sign up for our webinar when Paul Abel, PhD and Managing Partner of Blue Research will present the full findings.

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