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Cross-Channel Marketing in a Data Hailstorm

By Catherine Magoffin | Posted on February 25, 2013

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Let’s face it. While Big Data makes the promise of true 1:1 marketing a reality, the deluge of siloed information and fact that we have to reach consumers across multiple channels and devices makes consumer marketing a daunting task most days. It has been estimated that the volume of business data worldwide doubles every 1.2 years. While this data hailstorm holds the potential for more meaningful consumer experiences, most marketers are truly just beginning to grapple with concepts such as Omni-Channel, Big Data, Me-commerce, and Data Myning. At same time, consumers expect a relevant, consistent and satisfying experience across channels.

This dynamic creates challenges around getting the right message to the right person across multiple channels, including web, mobile, desktop apps, social media and more. Marketers today need to ask themselves, do I really know who I am marketing to when data exists in multiple silos? The good news is, if that answer is “no,” Janrain offers a user management platform solution that helps solve this pervasive problem.

Connecting Big Data to a Personalized Experience

Let’s translate the concept of big data into a small-town scenario, decades ago, where Susie Q is shopping at the local boutique.  The shopkeeper knows her name, birthday, sizes, favorite brands, favorite colors, overall style and her level of influence amongst other shoppers. And, beyond that, they know she likes to jog, she drinks an occasional martini and loves vacationing at the beach in Florida. They know that if Susie Q likes something (or not), the entire town will know about it within three hours. Before she even walks in the door, they are smiling and waving her in as they cater to her unique attributes based on these “data points” stored in the sales person’s head.

Susie Q doesn’t mind granting information on her likes, wants and needs because she knows in return she will be delivered value in the form of a good shopping experience, including relevant recommendations, products and shopping experiences tuned to her unique needs. A similar scenario applies to consumers today and accessing data on how they prefer to communicate, shop and what they tend to take action on. While technology has changed dramatically over the decades, humans haven’t evolved so much and consumers essentially want a consistent, highly personalized and engaging consumer experience across channels.

The Solution to Cross Channel Marketing

To deliver this experience to millions of Susie Qs today, the connection points across a myriad of channels and input/output modes need to be translated into action. We see many great examples of personalized lifecycle experiences that are greatly enhanced and more impactful via data-driven touch points. Companies such as Gilt Groupe, Netflix, Amazon and more are tuning into data to drive consumer action.  And, Janrain’s JUMP platform is helping marketers at Samsung, Ugg Australia and Macy’s and many more put data into action to build stronger relationships.

Is your organization embracing customer choice and putting data into action to drive a better consumer experience? Our team helps marketers do this every day, leading to more personalized experiences across the channels consumers are taking action in. The phrase, “the customer is always right” is often tossed around. Today, it’s more like “the customer always has the right to choose” and we just need to be tuned into their channels.

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