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Deploying identity at scale with Janrain configuration tools

By Eric Schreiner | Posted on September 22, 2016

Deploying identity at scale with Janrain configuration tools

Digital consumers continue to seek more personalized experiences on a growing number of devices. As businesses accelerate their efforts to connect with consumers, IT has been challenged to deliver more websites and mobile apps with integrated technologies, often with shrinking IT budgets and project timelines. Fortunately, enterprise IT organizations have responded to this challenge by improving efficiency through automation and providing employees with integrated configuration dashboards.

Our enterprise clients have shared time and again about the difficulty they have managing their vendors and technology systems at scale. Typically, every new technology added to the mix requires IT to manage access, provisioning, configuration, as well as employee training and support. Needless to say, if multiple dashboards have to be manually configured to launch one website or app, the process is going to be slow and error-prone, which will make scaling up to hundreds of deployments difficult, if not prohibitive.

Automation of common provisioning and configuration tasks not only increases deployment speed and reduces errors, but it can also eliminate the need to manage access, training and support for additional dashboards, greatly reducing the overhead associated with each new technology. For our clients, this eliminates the need to manually provision new credentials for each website, configure required fields and pass that configuration to the website or mobile app configuration.

Our Configuration API was designed with our enterprise clients’ need for automation in mind. Provisioning and configuration of new websites can be fully scripted by IT, allowing website builders and marketers to focus on the customer experience instead of having to learn yet another dashboard.

While common provisioning and configuration tasks can be standardized and automated, there is still a need for some configuration elements to vary for each website or app. For our clients, this can include which social providers are available for login or what optional data is collected to enable the experience.

Rather than defaulting to each technology vendor’s one-size-fits-all dashboard, enterprise IT organizations are integrating configuration dashboards into their existing toolsets. Not only does this allow employees to use a single dashboard to configure all aspects of the website, but it also means that only relevant configuration options can be displayed, greatly reducing training and support overhead.

Our Configuration API Explorer is a sample app that demonstrates how a configuration UI can be deployed on top of our API. It allows development teams to enable non-technical users to perform configuration tasks. The app’s source code has been made available to our developer community so that it can be customized and embedded in our clients’ dashboards without restriction.

With the increased number of consumer engagement points, automation and integrated dashboards are now essential tools in the IT playbook. IT organizations are shifting from being owners to enablers and technology providers will need to follow suit. Our continued focus on our developer community and tools empowers our clients to provide connected, personalized experiences across all their engagement points, channels and devices.

For more details on the Janrain Configuration API and API Explorer, visit our Developer site.

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