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The Digital Renaissance of Life Sciences

By Ashley Adelman | Posted on December 27, 2018

Identity is at the heart of digital healthcare

The life sciences industry is in the midst of a digital renaissance. Advances in consumer-facing technology have enabled new models such as connected healthcare, digital therapeutics and direct-to-consumer pharmaceuticals, and are influencing everything from R&D to patient care. Meanwhile customer experience trends from other industries have altered patient expectations - challenging pharma, healthcare, and other life sciences companies to create seamless, personalized patient experiences while upholding notoriously stringent patient privacy regulations. 

For life sciences companies to meet today’s patient expectations, they must navigate the paradox of scaling personalization. In our recent webinar, Identity is the Heart of Digital Health, Capgemini’s VP, Head of Digital and Strategy, Sheetal J. Chawla, emphasized three areas where pharmaceutical companies should focus to engage HCPs and patients: data, personalization and experience. 

  1. Data - What data is needed to personalize customer experiences? Secure, compliant collection mechanisms and analytics are essential to effectively use patient data.
  2. Personalization - How do you create a 360-degree view of every patient so you can better understand their needs and preferences? In a life science use case, relationship data is important to understand what HCP is associated with which patient and who gets access to what information.
  3. Experience - How can pharma companies create highly customized, consumer-centric experiences without compromising patient privacy? Data and personalization preferences provide the building blocks for delivering the better user experiences modern HCPs and patients require.

Customer identity and access management is the umbrella under which pharma and life science companies can effectively scale data collection, personalization and seamless omnichannel experiences globally. Janrain works with leading life sciences companies, including the majority of the top 10 pharma companies, to manage their patient identities at scale, streamline HCP resource access, and navigate disparate data privacy rules globally. 

It’s complex - consider the multiple doctors, caregivers, medical devices and prescriptions that may be associated with a single patient’s identity. That’s why Janrain created Identity Groups - utilizing our industry-leading flexible schema to support myriad identity relationships. Janrain allows a complete ecosystem of care providers, family members and IoT medical devices to be centered on a single, secure individual identity.

Watch the on-demand webinar for more information about challenges and solutions for digital identity management in life sciences, including a discussion about trends in customer experience and technology driving new business models, such as connected healthcare and digital therapeutics.

Want to learn more about our customer identity and access management solution for pharma? Download our healthcare solutions brief.

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