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Email Messages with Relevance for Retail Sales

By Gina Rau | Posted on August 29, 2011

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Whether your customers are shopping online, or just researching your products and services, there’s no doubt that online browsing will play a major role in holiday shopping this year. Retail marketers everywhere are turning their attention to social, mobile and location based tools to improve the shopping experience and provide shoppers what they want.

With just a few months until showtime, Forrester Analyst Sucharita Mulpuru recently shared three areas that online retailers should focus on for the upcoming holiday season. With the overwhelming number of email offers that consumers will receive soon, she stressed how critical it is that retailers’ emails are effectively delivered, opened and act upon.

Ann's Social Profile Data

Long gone are the days when a generic email addressed to no one in particular will stand out in the email box, or perhaps even make it beyond the spam filter. Relevance and personalization aren’t just nice; they’re expected from retailers or sites that consumers do business with. For a retailer to truly stand out from the inbox clutter and noise, the email needs to be directed to the shopper - both in form and message.

A decade ago we had simple demographics, at best, to use in targeting our customers, while today marketers have access to rich data that includes information on our interests, activities, purchase intent, and our friends. When people browse and shop on your site, and have used social login to personalize the experience, or expedite checkout, they willingly pass over to you this social profile data that can be leveraged in marketing programs.

With access to social profile data, you can send relevant, personalized email messages that speak to your shoppers in ways that give you the advantage point to get delivered, opened and clicked.

If you’re attending’s Annual Summit this month, stop by our Booth #208 to learn how Janrain Engage Social Login and our Capture hosted database product work together to help you build a 360 degree view of your shopper to improve your marketing messages.

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