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Email Segmentation: How to Improve Performance with Data

By | Posted on April 19, 2013

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Targeted emails containing personalized content and offers enjoy a nearly 4X greater click-through rate than generic email offers. If you are seeking to apply big data to connect with your consumers, email marketing is low-hanging fruit. Unlike advertising and content personalization, whose complex algorithms are heavily reliant upon third-party data, successful email campaigns can be executed exclusively using data that you own – registration and transaction information.


Using social login, marketers can instantly gain permission-based access to the information they care about – rich demographic data and interests straight from a consumer’s social network profile. This data set not only includes a pre-verified email address, name, location and birth date, but also relationship status, political views, hobbies, favorite books, music, movies and television shows. The key is to create micro-segments of consumers who share similar demographic or psychographic characteristics and use them as the basis for targeting.

By selecting the right tools to store and leverage social profiles and consumer data, and taking the time to build intelligent segments, marketers can dramatically improve email marketing ROI.

Email Segmentation Results

Explore best practices for email segmentation using social profile data in our ebook titled From Information to Insights: Understanding Big Data Online.


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