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FaceBook and OpenID Can Work Together…

By Larry Drebes | Posted on August 08, 2007

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There has been quite a bit of discussion recently about the future of social networks, who is going to own whose data, what will be portable, and what protocols will be involved . For my money I really liked what Scott Gilbertson had to say in his ‘A Slap In The Facebook Follow Up‘…

"The best ideas I’ve seen would involve some combination of OpenID, FOAF and perhaps microformats."

It is refreshing to see OpenID included in the mix and not simply labeled as ‘too geeky’ to understand and dismissed. The wheel has already been invented with OpenID, and there is no need to re-invent it with another protocol. When the promise of a portable identity/social network is delivered in the future I fully expect OpenID to be a integral part.

Update: There is now a "A prototype OpenID provider allowing Facebook users to leverage their Facebook profile details on OpenID sites"

This is a great step, I hope to see more things like this eventually incorporating the OpenID 2.0 spec, including attribute exchange…

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Larry Drebes


Larry founded Janrain in 2005 to address the challenge of managing user identity on the Internet. In its early days, Janrain drove the development of the majority of the open source OpenID protocol libraries that continue to be used today by organizations such as Google and Yahoo!, and was a founding member of the OpenID Foundation, a nonprofit governance organization for the industry. Prior to Janrain, Larry was a co-founder of Silicon Valley startups, a web-based service, and Four11 Corporation. At Four11 Corporation, Larry led the development of its RocketMail product, one of the first Internet-based email systems. Four11 was acquired by Yahoo! in 1997, and its RocketMail product became Yahoo! Mail. Earlier in his career, Larry did software development for Raynet, McDonnell Douglas and A.G. Edwards.

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