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Facebook Joins the OpenID Foundation

By Janrain Team | Posted on February 05, 2009

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I wanted to share some exciting news – today Facebook has joined the OpenID Foundation as a sustaining corporate member, joining PayPal who also became a sustaining member last month. There’s a summary of OpenID progress in 2008 and the election of new board members at the OpenID website as well. Luke Shepard from Facebook, Andrew Nash from PayPal, and Joseph Smarr from Plaxo (Comcast) have joined the board of the OpenID Foundation as a result of these developments. This announcement is well timed as website owners have come to expect a good user experience and passing of profile data during the OpenID login experience. The additional support from Facebook, PayPal, and Plaxo reinforces this commitment to website owners. In addition, many of the major OpenID providers have started sharing more user profile data (with the user’s consent). We hope you’ll view these as positive developments.

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