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Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit Is Almost Here: What You Need to Know

By Ashley Adelman | Posted on November 16, 2018

Gartner IAM Leadership 2018

This year’s Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit in Las Vegas will cover all the latest news, trends, best practices and successful strategies related to customer identity management.

The Janrain team will be at the center of this year’s summit — presenting our views on the future of identity management, joining thought leaders in breaking down market trends, talking shop with our industry peers and consulting current and prospective clients.

What you need to know about the Gartner IAM Summit

What: Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit 2018 is the event of the year for anyone involved with identity management and its growing list of applications. More than 1,400 industry members will be in attendance, along with several of the leading identity and access management providers, including Janrain.

When: Dec. 3-5. That's three full days to discuss CIAM best practices, how to manage security and compliance demands with identity and access management solutions, moving to the cloud and much more.

Where: Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Why: With more than 75 exhibitors and 20 Gartner analysts on hand, as well as 50+ research-driven sessions to sit in on, there is no better opportunity to educate yourself about identity and access management solutions and CIAM, in particular. We encourage everyone from the C-suite (CSOs, CISOs, CCOs, etc.) and team leaders (Security, risk, compliance, IT governance, etc.) to IT architects and analysts to attend. There's something to learn no matter how familiar you are with this technology.

The challenge of managing customer identities

Consumer identity management has grown in complexity. The increasing number of touchpoints, pressure to drive engagement with greater personalization and rising security and compliance concerns have all coalesced around the issue of customer identity.

For many enterprises, customer identity ecosystems are fractured — segmenting different data repositories, registration platforms and brand touchpoints into separate and distinct entities. They may be further isolated based on geography, product lines and engagement campaigns.

The end result is a complicated web of technologies and assets that fail to provide a clear, fully rounded view of the customer. Customer identity is obscured or lost entirely as users transition from one application to another. Today's digitally native consumers have higher expectations for brand interactions than ever before, and failing to support the seamless move across disparate channels will only cause friction between brand and customer.

This segmentation also prevents brands from scaling alongside their growing operational demands or launching innovative engagement and outreach initiatives to stay ahead of the competition.

Data privacy, security and compliance remain challenges as well. The costs associated with data leakage continue to climb as new stringent regulations come into effect and brand reputations take bigger hits in the aftermath of sweeping data breaches.

What Janrain brings to the identity and access management table

Janrain offers a solution to these obstacles: Identity as a Service. A cloud-native, customer-focused identity and access management tool, the Janrain Identity Cloud® is purpose-built to streamline and simplify CIAM needs in today's complex, heterogeneous digital landscapes.

The Janrain Identity Cloud effortlessly manages the entire identity life cycle, starting at — and before — user registration to provide a complete, 360-degree view of your customers across all interactions.

Our CIAM solution leverages features like single sign-on and social login to remove barriers to engagement and streamline the registration and login processes. Best-in-class security practices keep your users' data safe at all times - and we have the industry-leading certifications to back it up. We were also among the first CIAM providers to offer a GDPR-readiness assessment to make sure our customers were compliant when the EU's landmark data privacy regulation went into effect earlier this year.

Janrain has a massive global data center footprint, positioning our company in an advantageous spot to support deployments all across the world. That includes important international markets like China and Russia. With industry-leading availability, our customers are guaranteed the best performance possible, even when supporting tens of millions of users at once.

The growing rate of digitization demands a new approach to consumer data management, customer engagement and information security. Customer identity and access management takes the bedrock principles of IAM technology and transforms them for a global market filled with digitally native consumers. The Janrain Identity Cloud was designed from the ground up to meet today's challenges and help brands seamlessly transition into the digital age.

We'll be at Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit this year to tell you all about it. So be sure to stop by booth 121 and meet the team. We can't wait to see you.

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