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Get To Know Your Users With GraphDive And Janrain

By Shahram Seyedin-Noor | Posted on June 06, 2013

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“Big Data” is a topic that every marketer talks about aspirationally, but many continue to struggle with actually making the data they already have actionable in a meaningful way. The driving force behind the recent partnership of Janrain and GraphDive is to turn the social data that you’re already collecting from your users’ social profiles (i.e., posts, likes, check-ins, etc.) via Janrain’s social sign-on options into actionable insights.

With GraphDive and Janrain together, online businesses can now understand their users’ wants and needs, as well as their demographic information (income, age, marital status and education), even if there is no purchase or clickstream history yet. Now you can bring your users an experience that is highly relevant and turn them into repeat customers.

GraphDive offers three solutions:

  1. Segmentation – Slice and dice your users by any inferred demographic or interest, and target them accordingly.
  2. Personalization – GraphDive matches your product or content catalog to each user’s inferred interests for personalized recommendations that you can deliver on your site or via email campaigns.
  3. New User Acquisition – You know who your top customers are. And GraphDive discovers their key demographics and interests. Combining this information (transaction data + social data), GraphDive can help you advertise to new users who look just like your current best customers through the Facebook Ad API.

Let’s look at one possible example: imagine a typical user John Doe who uses Facebook to talk about his favorite athletes (like Buster Posey), his favorite events (the World Series) and his favorite foods (Heineken and Doritos). GraphDive’s technology reads and understands the context of each of these social posts to reveal that this guy is a baseball aficionado, likely a San Francisco Giants fan, who likes beer and nachos.

And GraphDive helps you target users appropriately so that each user has a better experience on your site and ends up buying more stuff. So if you are a commerce site, you now have a better grasp of which offers to send him (hint: sports related items rather than cook books). And if you are selling content, such as mobile apps, now you know to recommend ESPN’s latest score app (instead of say Angry Birds) to this particular user.

With Janrain and GraphDive together, every socially connected user receives an online experience that is personalized and relevant. Now your business can better retain satisfied customers who keep coming back. Happy graphdiving!

Shahram Seyedin-Noor is co-founder and CEO of GraphDive, located in Menlo Park, California. GraphDive helps online businesses better understand their users. GraphDive’s analytics and personalization platform enables your business (1) to segment users by interests and demographics, (2) personalize offers for users, and (3) find new high-value users through Facebook’s Ad API.

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