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#GoldMine Insights: 7 Ways to Mine the Gold in your Customer Data

By Jamie Beckland | Posted on April 04, 2014

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Jamie, at the end of the conversation

Fuzzy McGee GoldMine

Jay, at the end of the conversation

Eureka! Recently, social media strategist and raconteur (and New Times Times bestseller!) Jay Baer and I went prospecting for some gold – in the form of customer data that you can use to improve your marketing. (WARNING: I might talk like a grizzled prospector through the rest of this post – old west language in use.)

As soon as we started talking about all of the kinds of customer data available, I knew we struck gold. A rich, thick vein of customer data already flows through your organization, and dagnabit, you can start taking action on it right away.

One of my favorite quotes of the conversation was:

1. Omni-channel Experience with Account Linking

Offering social login and social account linking allows brands to see a more complete view of their customers. Favorite interests, music and other likes can then be used to create relevant content for the customer on-site and through more targeting email campaigns.

2. Person-Provided Data

Think your customer data is dumfungled? Think again. Request very specific information from your customers that is relevant to your brand. For instance, Avalara – a cloud-base sales tax and compliance system – requested customers provide their preferred financial application, which was then used to offer applicable services and products to that user base.

3. Gamification to Gather Permission

This mechanism is used to incent customers to provide additional personal details, and in turn, they are awarded with points, social clout and content that is of interest to them. Gamification is most effective when linked to the customers’ social networks, utilizing a larger network to track and reward off-site engagement and build conversation.

Want to see the rest of our tips, and examples that go along with each? Check out our recorded session here and leave your best grizzled prospector commentary below.

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