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Goodbye, Omni-Channel. Hello, Omni-Experience.

By David Giannetto | Posted on February 12, 2015

Goodbye, Omni-Channel. Hello, Omni-Experience.

Forget Omni-Channel—think Omni-Experience if you want to succeed in the new social economy. Here’s why:

Consumers don’t care about your “omni-channel.”

Omni-channel is all about creating a consistent experience for consumers every time they interact with your organization via digital channels: personalized marketing, personalized email sales pitches, personalized content intended to convince. And then the consumer interacts with your company in the real world and gets a completely different impression: sales people that don’t know them or understand competitive offers as well as the consumer, customer service agents who don’t understand their needs or motivations. Consumers find this split-personality off-putting.

Consumers inhabit both the physical and digital world.

During the buying process today’s social consumer continuously switches back and forth across both the digital and physical landscape, interacting with different companies, social platforms, mobile apps, family, friends and influencers via any medium whenever it best serves their purpose. Are they wrong to expect the company that earns their business be capable of the same thing?

Heart-mind-wallet. In that order.

Social consumers are the first generation that shows clear signs of putting their money where their mouth—or their beliefs—are. This means that before they decide to award their loyalty to your brand they will assess, and make their buying decision (at least partly), upon those things your organization stands for. Those brands which resonate on a truly personal level—reflecting the belief system, value and morals of today’s social consumer—are more likely to win their long-term loyalty. And these things have little to do with marketing, sales and customer service; executives and other policy makers now affect sales in a very real way.

Rethink your strategy.

Consumers—especially social consumers—want to create relationships with companies that understand them, satisfy them with great products and services, and back it up with sincere help to make their lives better, easier or even just more fun. But what they really want much deeper down is more: they want to fall in love with a brand that reflects who and what they are, that says something about who they are and what they want to stand for. Meetings these needs is about more than interacting with them in a consistent manner across even something as broad as today’s digital landscape. It requires the ability to truly understand them and create one consistent experience every time they see, hear, touch or even taste something that has to do with your brand—that’s an omni-experience—that’s what you must provide.

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About the author: David F. Giannetto (@dgiannetto) is the author of Big Social Mobile, How Digital Initiatives Can Reshape the Enterprise and Drive Business Results (Palgrave Macmillan), and senior vice president of Salient Management Company. He helps organizations coordinate complex initiatives, technology and information to create tangible results. More information at:

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David Giannetto

David Giannetto

David Giannetto is the author of three books, including the newly released Big Social Mobile, How Digital Initiatives can Reshape the Enterprise and Drive Business Results. He has been named a thought-leader by the American Management Association, Business Finance Magazine and Consumer Goods Technology Magazine. He also writes for the AMA and the Huffington Post and as SVP of Salient Management Company helps some of today’s leading brands coordinate complex initiatives, technology and information to create tangible results. More information at:

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