GraphicMail Integrates Janrain Engage for Turnkey Social-email Subscription Tool

I had the pleasure of opening up my email and browser today to see news that our partner GraphicMail had announced the release of their Social Subscribe tool that is integrated into the newsletter subscription form they provide to help marketers and small businesses grow their contact lists.

One of the things I love about this integration is how well it demonstrates the real value organizations – big and small – can get via social login.  First, it will simplify and increase the accuracy of the subscription process, driving increased conversions, which is something for which all of us marketers strive.  But moving beyond the initial registration, the rich profile data shared during the sign up process will give GraphicMail customers a better understanding of their subscribers preferences, which can then be used to provide more relevant messaging.

My counterpart, Barbara Ulmi, Marketing Director at GraphicMail, had this to say: “Successful communication, in any business and via any channel, is all about knowing your customer. In digital marketing though, you won’t often find that new contacts are willing to sit down and manually wade through filling in long, detailed subscription forms to help you capture all their relevant personal information. Often forms are discouragingly long and passwords eventually get forgotten. Now you can increase your newsletter subscriptions by offering Social Subscribe and get heaps of additional user data for more targeted sending. This in turn is likely to increase your open and click-through rates, improve website conversion rates and even sales derived from promotional mailers.”

Another very cool application for social login, and something for anyone with a newsletter to consider.