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How to build brand loyalty for the consumer packaged goods industry

By Jamie Beckland | Posted on March 07, 2017

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Consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands that fail to cultivate direct relationships with consumers will see their loyalty dwindle, and ultimately disappear. To combat this consumer apathy, CPG brands need to establish a digital consumer strategy.

Why a digital consumer strategy matters

Consumers are increasingly utilizing multiple channels to interact and engage with brands, including a growing shift toward buying a greater variety of products online. While the mainstays of e-commerce websites have typically included electronics and clothing, these offerings now extend into other areas, such as groceries.

As consumers purchase more (and more diverse) products online, CPG brands will need to develop a digital consumer strategy that engages shoppers through every step of the process. For instance, these changing retail habits are fueling the growth of online food delivery sites such as Amazon Fresh and Blue Apron. As noted by American Farm Bureau Federation, this “meal-kit business” (which would include Blue Apron) is currently worth around $5 billion while the next five to six years could see it balloon to more than $35 billion.

Consumers are already jumping on the grocery delivery bandwagon. Twenty-five percent of online global respondents to Nielsen’s Global E-commerce and the New Retail Survey said they order grocery products from e-commerce sites while 55% expressed interest in doing so in the future. However, as recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal, Americans are spending nearly 5 percent less on food and beverages in 2015 than in 1984.

For CPG brands to remain competitive and capture this market share, they need to instill a greater sense of brand loyalty. Crafting a unique digital consumer strategy provides a route for building and maintaining these long-term customer relationships.

What kinds of digital consumer strategies build brand loyalty? In our newest slideshare, we delve into the best practices for optimizing this digital transformation, such as:

  • Building omnichannel efforts for a holistic strategy centered on individual customers
  • Nurturing customer relationships by building trust and demonstrating their data is being put to good use
  • Rewarding brand loyalty with special offers and promotions
  • Boosting personalization by using customer data to speak to them directly instead of as a demographic block
  • Rethinking marketing spend to ensure resources are directed to the entire digital omnichannel campaign

To learn more about building brand loyalty through digital consumer strategies, check out our slideshare above and download a copy of our white paper, “Building CPG Brand Loyalty Through Digital Consumer Strategies.”

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