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How identity management can boost personalized marketing

By Suzanne Balter | Posted on October 12, 2017

How identity management can boost personalized marketing

The face of consumer marketing is rapidly changing. Customers are expecting a more personal touch with every brand interaction, regardless of channel or touch point. Meeting those expectations is easier said than done, however. Disparate digital environments and imposing data privacy requirements have made deeply targeted marketing strategies difficult to execute.

Marketers are not willing to throw in the towel so quickly, though. The most savvy brands have discovered a way to manage both data privacy demands and their complex web of consumer touch points. The answer is identity management software – customer identity and access management (CIAM), to be precise. CIAM adopters have found that a portal identity management solution like CIAM can pave the way toward more personalized marketing strategies.

Solving the ‘privacy-personalization paradox‘

Marketers may feel like they’re in a lose-lose situation when it comes to customer engagement. Consumer expectations have reached the point that a unified, seamless brand experience across all touchpoints is no longer a luxury feature. It’s essential. Customers demand personalized promotions, special offers and interactions, while voicing some hesitation about handing over the very information required to generate these strategies. Research firm Forrester even coined the term “privacy-personalization paradox” to describe this disconnect between what consumers say they want and what concessions they’re willing to make to get it.

CIAM presents an incredible solution to this conundrum, allowing brands to simultaneously streamline the customer experience, safeguarding personal data and enabling companies to gain deep insights to consumer profiles. It effectively turns that ostensible lose-lose situation into a win for everyone involved. Here’s how:

Easy customer access

The first step to more personalized marketing is to remove potential barriers to customer account access. If individuals need to enter separate login credentials for every platform and touch point, they’re not going to bother. By streamlining the registration process with tools like social login and single sign-on, brands can clear the way for stronger, more targeted consumer interactions. Instead of remembering a distinct username and password combination for brand microsites, mobile apps, etc., account access is as simple as clicking a button. Customers can log in with their social network profiles, which minimizes the likelihood of a missed interaction and improves the overall brand experience.

More data means more personalization

The other benefit to integrating consumers’ social media profiles is that brands get access to that information on top of the data they can pull in from their own touch points. Having that much more data to comb through allows for a much more detailed customer profile, which in turn, enables more targeted and personalized interactions.

If brands can view customer preferences at a much more granular level, they can create promotions and offers that are timed at just the right moment to provide consumers what they want, when they want it. Both parties win.

World-class data privacy

The final piece of the puzzle, of course, is ensuring consumers that they’re personal information is in good hands. A portal identity management platform like CIAM provides the full coverage needed to guarantee total privacy. Access management tools prevent the wrong individuals from getting their hands on the wrong information, so brands don’t have to worry about unauthorized users getting into sensitive databases.

Furthermore, the best CIAM solutions out there are compliant with even the most stringent data privacy guidelines such as HIPAA, HITECH and GDPR. That breadth of security coverage provides peace of mind for brand and consumer alike.

Highly targeted, personalized marketing is not a pipe dream. It’s very attainable with the right toolset. Reach out to Janrain today to find out how CIAM can help make your wildest marketing goals a reality.

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