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How Janrain helps enterprises get GDPR-ready

By Tim Brandis | Posted on May 22, 2018

How Janrain Helps Enterprises Get GDPR-Ready

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) effective date is upon us! We are working with many companies that have completed the widespread changes needed to fully comply with the regulations and are in operations mode. Some companies are in the middle of their transformation with a roadmap of changes still to make, and finally, a few are just starting to take the first steps of their journey and are not fully sure what to do beyond knowing they need to change.

No matter which stage of GDPR maturity your company finds itself in, Janrain can provide the products and consulting services you need to move to the next stage.

1. The GDPR Readiness Workshop

This one-day onsite workshop is designed to provide a high-level health check on your company’s GDPR compliance status. This workshop can be adapted to your needs whether you just want a third party review of the processes and policies you have put in place, or if you want more in-depth roadmap assessment and guidance, or if you need us to create a roadmap and make detailed recommendations on implementation.

2. Consent Lifecycle Management Service Engagement

Created to enhance the Janrain Identity Cloud feature set, the Consent Lifecycle Management (CLM) service engagement will give you a global consent store that delivers on all the data subjects rights prescribed by GDPR.

3. Advanced Policy Manager

Janrain’s Advanced Policy Manager (APM) is a consent-aware decision engine that can be inserted into our business process flows allowing you to incorporate the end user's consent at time of processing. It can be used in combination with CLM or on its own with your existing consent store.

4. GDPR Consulting Services

Janrain’s professional services team of GDPR experts is ready to provide full-service consulting specific to your needs. These services expand beyond our one-day workshop to deliver deep analysis and innovative solutions for those needing extra assistance. Examples of these services are, but not limited to, the following:

  • A collaboration on a consent data model that is specifically designed to the specific regulatory and geographic dependencies your company operates in
  • A system inventory to determine where person data is being stored in your infrastructure
  • A gap analysis between your current people and processes and those required by GDPR

New and existing clients: Contact us to learn more about our GDPR compliance products and services and find out which best suits your compliance needs.

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Tim Brandis

Tim Brandis

Senior Technical Consultant

As a Senior Technical Consultant, Tim works with Janrain clients to distill the real requirements for specific projects - moving beyond the initial ask to what is really needed to deliver business value. Tim consults with clients to formulate and execute action plans that meet business goals and support specific regulatory compliance needs. With a more than a decade of experience as a Technical Product Owner, Solution Architect and Project Manager with Janrain, Vesta and Tripwire, Tim knows how to support high-level enterprise transformations. He delights in that moment in a difficult project where everyone gets alignment, all teams accelerate their delivery, and his clients start to see the the benefits of all the hard work everyone has been contributing manifested in the real world.

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