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How to Overcome the Conversion Hurdle

By Catherine Magoffin | Posted on December 04, 2012

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We’ve all been there – surfing a site and something catches our eye. We are ready, willing consumers and we want to take action – NOW! Often, it’s not so easy. During that process, nearly 2 in 5, or 37% of us, manage to forget our password and resort to the “Forgot Password” link at least once a month when we try to interact with sites. Not surprising, since almost 60% of us have more than 5 unique passwords to remember. Just think of all that time we will never get back.

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Consumers trying to log in and take action are highly valued. So, let’s see – what options do we give these valuable consumers when they have login challenges? We let them try a few passwords. I don’t know about you, but the more passwords I try, the more annoyed I become. Or, we may let them work through a number of security questions in hopes they will remember the answers to arcane questions about what they ate for lunch last Thursday. And, we supply the “Forgot Password” option, forcing the consumer to access email for instructions on password resetting. That “Forgot Password” email is often one of the top performing email automations. No surprise there — you’ve got an active, engaged audience ready to take action, yet, you’ve put a major hurdle in their way. It can get even worse if you end up with a frustrated consumer calling for support. That’s time and money down the drain for both the consumer and the company.

As we are deep into Holiday 2012, with Cyber Monday online spending soaring to $1.46 Billion and holiday season ecommerce increasing 16% versus the corresponding days last year (comScore), the year ahead is poised for strong online retail performance. Mobile also continues to surge into the 30 – 40% range of site visitors for many online retailers, with a profound impact on site activity and conversion. With all this action and opportunity at hand, it’s an important time to reflect on what can be done to enhance engagement with consumers and pave the way for action.

That’s where social login comes in. With social login, you preempt a bad consumer experience and prevent virtual aisles packed with abandoned shopping carts. Today, over 77% of consumers prefer social login and it’s a clear starting point on the road to consumer engagement, conversion and an overall better experience. Janrain customers, such as L’Occitane, are already driving a 12.05% lift in conversion rates since deploying social sign-in.

It has been said that “showing up is half the battle.” Once the work is done to acquire a consumer that is ready to take action on your site, half the battle has been won. From there, it’s about removing any hurdles that prevent consumer action. With key holiday online shopping days behind us and 2013 coming up fast, it’s time to line up new ways to acquire more customers, understand them better and engage them in actions, not distractions. Beyond that, there’s a lot more to say about the rich data set social login helps to harness. More on that later.

How have you overcome the conversion hurdle on your site?

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