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How to Set Up Your Salesforce Site with Janrain Engage to Drive Customer Acquisition

By Max Spector | Posted on April 19, 2012

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Since the announcement of Chatter Collaboration Cloud at Dreamforce ‘09, has continued to invest in making enterprises more social. This spring, businesses large and small have something to be very excited about. The Spring ‘12 release includes support for social logins for and portals and microsites as well as Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. Janrain is excited to be powering this Social Sign-On feature. enables businesses and organizations to quickly build user-centric websites. Janrain takes the convenience factor one step further by allowing site owners to offer their users frictionless sign in and registration. Users can choose from a selection of over 25 different identity providers which include Google, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Facebook, and PayPal. Once the user signs in with their preferred identity, the rich user profile data returned as part of the social login can be used to pre-fill registration forms. Imagine being able to download whitepapers or register for webinars without having to fill out a lengthy registration form! For the site owner, this translates to collecting verified information on the user such as an email address, title or company name.

The benefits don’t stop with sign up and registration. Social integration also enables organizations to build viral audience growth through social sharing and the ability to tap into a user’s social graph. It opens the door for a variety of interesting programs such as referring a friend or sharing an offer.

Setting up Janrain for Salesforce sites is quite easy.

Here is a step by step guide to making your site social.

1) Configure your new Janrain Social Login widget:

First, get Janrain Social Login and then head to your configuration dashboard to set up identity provider developer applications and the widget’s look and feel.

Janrain configure-1

2) Configure your Saleforce Site’s Auth. Provider:

Select and configure Janrain as your Auth. Provider from within your Salesforce site Adminintraion Setup screen.

Sfdc auth provider-2


3) Configure your Salesforce page and paste in your Engage code:

Copy the Engage widget code from the “Get the Code” section in the Engage dashboard and paste it into your Salesforce site.

Sfdc paste code-4

Find out more at the links below:

Salesforce Announces Social Sign-On with Janrain
Salesforce Social Sign-on setup instructions: see page 684 [pdf]
Get Janrain Engage

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