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How Will Facebook Hashtags Enhance Arktan Products

By Sirpa Aggarwal | Posted on June 15, 2013

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Facebook announced this week that it will start rolling out hashtags on Facebook.

Facebook’s strategic move will pave the way for the company to have a bigger impact in the social web conversation, including around real-time events, such as TV shows and sports events.

All Arktan products have comprehensive support for curating Facebook content and conversation, including ability to search and curate content from Facebook.

Arktan customers can leverage these product capabilities to curate Facebook hashtag content, and build solutions around them. These solutions are similar to what brands are already building with Arktan products using Twitter and Instagram hashtags, including curated topics, events, and campaigns around TV shows, album launches, etc.

The long-term implications of Facebook hashtags remains to be seen, but it’ll serve as a big step towards surfacing public conversation on Facebook, and increasing engagement and interaction on the social web.

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