Identity at the Center of Today’s IT Infrastructure


Personalized and targeting marketing makes a big impact on company revenue and shows the greatest performance of any marketing tactic. But, in order to personalize your customer’s experience, you need to know who they are. Managing identities is complicated, especially in the face of increasing customer expectations and demands for highly personalized brand experiences.

Many companies are finding the technology they have to manage the profiles of users weren’t designed to scale or align with the evolving needs of customers, meet privacy concerns, and don’t comply with multiple third-party privacy policies and government regulations.

In our newest report, “Identity at the Center of Today’s Infrastructure,” we address the challenges companies face with Identity and Access Management (IAM) platforms and how the right Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platform allows marketers to understand and engage customers like never before. Meanwhile, CIAM also equips IT with a scalable platform that will decrease their workload.

In this report we explore:

  • Understanding the differences between CIAM and IAM platforms
  • How personalization drives deeper customer engagement
  • Defining the factors that make CIAM the smart choice for IT professionals
  • Explaining and avoiding the limitations of using an employee IAM platform with customers
  • How to choose the best CIAM platform for your brand

Download a copy of “Identity at the Center of Today’s Infrastructure” here: