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Increase Registered Users by Removing Barriers

By Gina Rau | Posted on November 14, 2011

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When people arrive at your website they come with a purpose and generally want to find what they’re looking for, participate in your online community, or purchase right away. Any hurdles along the way could provide just the reason they need to switch over to a competitor’s website with hopes of a better experience. We’ve all visited the site with a registration form that looks like a college application, or the travel site that requires you to enter your mailing address (again) in order to make a purchase.

By offering a social login opportunity early in a user’s visit you not only remove any friction but the information you receive during that exchange can help you improve that very visit. If a user logs in using their Facebook profile, for example, you’ll know by their interests, activities and other “Likes” that she’s probably interested in buying diapers, bottles or toys for her baby. Why is this important?

Our research shows that the majority of users prefer to use existing profiles like Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn to login to websites rather than set up new accounts or face a lengthy registration form at checkout. People are also starting to realize that the experience on your site can be improved and personalized when they give you access to some of their personal information. So the user in the above example would prefer to see offers for diapers rather than men’s cologne, and is likely to provide access to her profile data that allows you to customize messages or ads to her.

Driving Registrations

Many of our customers see an immediate increase in registrations and a decrease of site or cart abandonment when they implement our Janrain Engage Social Login widget, with some claiming up to 80% increases in site sign-in.

Interscope Records witnessed an immediate 10% increase in site registration when they implemented Janrain Engage Social Login. With social login as an option at over 125 of their artist websites, Interscope Records is making it easy for fans to connect with the artists and other fans, and share content they discover on the site without having to fill out a long form.

lady-gaga has doubled its sign-up rate since implementing the Janrain Engage Social Login feature on their site. According to Pete Mauro, head of product management at “It really lowers the barriers for a lot of people.”


Getting Results

Offering site visitors a choice of login providers when they’re ready to sign in certainly removes hurdles, giving users an easy process that allows them to avoid setting up and remembering yet another password. Another critical component to increasing site registrations is to give users compelling reasons to log into your site to begin with. Whether it’s exclusive content or offers, access to the community area, or personalized product recommendations, setting up a new account is a bit of a “give and get” game where users will give you personal information based on what they can expect to get in return.

Every site owner understands and appreciates the value of registered users and is seeking new ways to encourage site sign-in. Sometimes overlooked is an approach that removes the friction and makes the actual login process simple, easy and fast for your users. Social login achieves those goals by letting them use something they already have: a social profile.

Ready to increase registrations on your site? See Janrain Engage in action during this short video.

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Gina Rau

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