Integrating Social Media into Your Website Strategy

Over the past few years, brand marketers have been migrating their content, promotions and focus to social outlets like Facebook in an effort to grow a large fan base that can be developed into advocates and loyal customers. In fact, 2010 was the year that many questioned the need for a website at all if you had a thriving Facebook fan page.

And they had reason to challenge this theory, as indicated by the shift in traffic from the brand website to their Facebook fan page. But at some point this perspective changed as brand marketers realized that traffic to their site was dwindling faster than their community was growing, and that keeping fans engaged and participating on Facebook was a daily challenge.

Now those marketers want to bring traffic back to their site and are looking for new ways to engage with their fans within their own web properties, not just at Facebook. It’s not always easy and many companies are  struggling to figure this out, as was evident in this recent SmartPulse poll from SmartBrief:

Integrating Social Into Your Wite

Over 64% of the marketers polled do not have a strategy to integrate social engagement elements into their own site. Rest assured that if you’re confused about how to best approach this, you’re not alone and can learn from others who have integrated social solutions into their site with success.

Jeremiah Owyang

Join Altimeter analyst Jeremiah Owyang during our webinar November 2nd to discover practical tips for on-site social media integration that you can act on now. Jeremiah will unveil new data points on the evolution of the social brand website, and provide real world case studies so you have actionable takeaways that can be immediately applied to your social strategy.

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