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Interscope Launches Groundbreaking Social Music Hub

By Sirpa Aggarwal | Posted on October 24, 2012

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Interscope just launched a groundbreaking new site, turning a traditional record label site to a real-time interactive social music hub for fans.

The hub is designed to attract fans to come and experience deeper engagement around their favorite artists, and to discover new artists and music.

The hub’s interactive content is displayed in an engaging Pinterest-style visualization, and organized around content labeled as Featured, Social, Music, Videos, and Photos.

Artists’ social media content is mixed in with exclusive tweets, photos, and videos posted by artists themselves. Fan-generated art from Sleeveface is on display on the homepage.


“Everything a record label does is social,” said Lee Hammond, VP of Digital for Interscope Geffen A&M, in a press release. “By leveraging this activity as the primary content source for our label website, we will always have the freshest, most relevant content available for our fans. When our social media manager posts content to Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, that content will instantly flow into the Featured content on our home page.”


The hub’s stores page, Bravado, is also designed to be socially engaging.

Fans can view and buy artists’ official merchandise, and express their likes and dislikes about the merchandise. After logging in using their preferred social login, fans can post comments on the site, and share them back on Facebook and Twitter.


“This revolutionary approach reimagines how content should be generated, presented and displayed, creating a fusion between social and traditional content,” said Lee Hammond in the press release. “You can’t tell where one ends and the other begins.”

Arktan is powering the hub’s real-time social experiences around Interscope’s dozens of artists and brands.

The hub utilizes Arktan’s many social features, including real-time social curation at scale, and ability to show rich media including photos and videos from social web and blogs.

Arktan SocialStreams aggregates and curates real-time social content and conversation from a number of social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, RSS, and blogs, and extends the curated real-time social streams to the hub.

Interscope also partnered with Echo and Autumn:01 as part of the site launch.

Here’s a video released by Interscope giving a visual tour of this new social hub.

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