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Introducing Customer Activity Data

By Janrain Team | Posted on October 06, 2016

Introducing Customer Activity Data

Understanding who your customers are starts with knowing what they’re doing. It’s about recognizing their behaviors and interactions on web and mobile applications. Here at Janrain, we identify the importance of these interactions and have continued to advance our business intelligence capabilities by adding behavioral analytics.

Today, we are excited to introduce Customer Activity Data. Now custom, non-Janrain powered activities, occurring on websites and mobile applications are captured, stored, retrieved and analyzed. Customer journeys can be understood from the moment they reach your website and mobile applications. Activities include – but are not limited to – navigation paths, social media interactions, “value” decisions like downloading a paper, e-commerce transactions and signing up for a webinar.

How it works:

  • Submitting Activity Data: A registered customer downloads a white paper from a brand’s website. The activity is sent from the brand’s website to Janrain using Janrain’s submit activity API. Janrain recognizes the customer based on the UUID.
  • Storing Activity Data: The act of downloading a white paper is stored in Janrain’s highly scalable cloud-based datastore.
  • Retrieving Activity Data: Brands can retrieve the activities of specific customers via the Janrain API for analysis using Janrain’s Customer Engagement Insights. Customers can also benefit by seeing which activities they engaged in on a brand’s website (e.g. a recent purchase, registering for a webinar, etc.).

Now brands can analyze almost any activity their registered customers engage in on their websites, giving them deeper behavioral insights which improves personalization and targeting for their marketing campaigns and programs. Companies interested in learning more about the value of our Customer Activity Data, may visit our contact us page.

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