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Introducing Customer Insights to Power Segmentation and Personalized Marketing

By Larry Drebes | Posted on April 02, 2014

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Update May 1: Watch the Customer Insights introduction webinar now: Better Data for Better Engagement.

Digital marketers are facing a big problem. How do you improve targeting and personalization based on what we know about our customers? It’s a tough question to answer, especially when most marketers are constrained by poor access to customer data. Consider that 91% of marketers believe that customer data is important for segmentation and targeting, but 70% say they are unable to leverage the value of their customer data.

Marketers shouldn’t have to face this challenge, and as of today, they don’t have to. Janrain is empowering marketers with tools to:

  • own and use their customer profile data
  • truly know their customers through straightforward tools
  • personalize every interaction with their customers

We are excited to announce the launch of Janrain Customer Insights, a powerful new addition to the Janrain Customer Identity Management Platform. Customer Insights enables marketers to visualize and segment customer profile data all from a single, dynamic view in an intuitive dashboard. Marketers can quickly develop a deep understanding of the demographic, psychographic and behavioral attributes of their customers in seconds without the need for complex queries or API calls.

Customer Insights 1 new


Customer Insights 2 new

Today’s marketers need to be able to react quickly, exploring customer data and building new segments in real time. Customer Insights is designed with that in mind. Marketers can create segments on the fly based on attributes within the customer profile such as age, gender, location, relationship status, political affiliations, and much much more. Now, anyone on your marketing team can analyze the exact percentage of your customers who are, as an example, female vs. male, ages 25-34, located in New York, and in a relationship, in order to target them with a gift offer for their significant other, or simply identify that segment as relevant, sizeable, and worth planning against. Customer Insights makes this type of segmentation easy.

Customer Insights 3

Janrain has the pleasure of working with world-class marketers, and their pain points and successes have helped define Customer Insights. We have awesome clients who successfully pioneered using customer profile data for segmentation, personalization and targeting using our APIs. Their success helped cement the idea that this capability must be made accessible to marketing teams even if they don’t have dedicated technical resources. Here are some examples of these achievements:

We are rolling out Customer Insights to all clients using the Janrain customer profile database solution, and we really couldn’t be more excited. You can learn more by reading the announcement or request a demo.

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Larry founded Janrain in 2005 to address the challenge of managing user identity on the Internet. In its early days, Janrain drove the development of the majority of the open source OpenID protocol libraries that continue to be used today by organizations such as Google and Yahoo!, and was a founding member of the OpenID Foundation, a nonprofit governance organization for the industry. Prior to Janrain, Larry was a co-founder of Silicon Valley startups, a web-based service, and Four11 Corporation. At Four11 Corporation, Larry led the development of its RocketMail product, one of the first Internet-based email systems. Four11 was acquired by Yahoo! in 1997, and its RocketMail product became Yahoo! Mail. Earlier in his career, Larry did software development for Raynet, McDonnell Douglas and A.G. Edwards.

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