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Introducing Janrain Customer Engagement Insights

By Janrain Team | Posted on July 07, 2016

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Customer engagement products have always held a lot of promise as tools that help build community, gather customer data, drive brand loyalty and revenue on the digital properties of companies. Community building applications, such as commenting and ratings and reviews, give customers a reason to register and drive repeat logins on a company’s websites and mobile apps. However, companies have not had analytics tools to easily measure these metrics and determine the success of these community building applications, particularly when integrated with customer identity management tools.

In a world where decisions are increasingly driven by data and by information derived from data, a lack of these analytics tools is something that we at Janrain have been focused on addressing. Since launching our integrated Customer Engagement products last year, we have been working on a new set of analytics capabilities.

Today, we are proud to announce our newest product: Janrain Customer Engagement Insights . This product provides clients with actionable analytics around applications that drive community onsite such as commenting, live chat, voting, and ratings & reviews, as well as for social content curation.

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Have you wanted to know exactly how many customers reviewed a new product that you launched on the night of the launch? Or has your marketing team been looking for ways to create micro-segments of these customers the next day and send out personalized emails to these customers?

Have you been looking for ways to measure the success of a new advertising campaign that leverages a voting visualization and see how many new customer registrations it drove?

Is your editorial team interested in seeing how many customers login over time to comment on articles on various sections of your website?

Our new Customer Engagement Insights will help you answer these questions. It will help you with information-driven storytelling that you can leverage in various parts of your business.

Customer Engagement Insights brings together data from our Engagement and Identity products and provides analytics with comprehensive visualizations and filtering capabilities. You also have the ability to integrate the analytics data with your own analytics tools. You can measure the volume of different engagement activities and create customer micro-segments for email campaigns. In the heuristics that measure the uplift in registrations and logins driven by engagement applications, we have integrated light data science capabilities.

This new product is an example of product innovation that you can expect from Janrain as we help you leverage the activity and behavioral data of your customers to drive revenue and customer satisfaction.

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