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Introducing Janrain Export Services

By Eric Schreiner | Posted on May 23, 2016

Introducing Janrain Export Services

Many client platforms today lack integration capabilities because they do not offer public APIs. While IT managers can build custom solutions, Janrain Export Services helps bridge the gap and lower the development effort for systems that don’t support API-based integration.

Developers, IT managers and marketers all want systems to work seamlessly, on budget and without additional resources. Janrain’s Export Services delivers data changes of new and updated records as a CSV file to a customer-managed sFTP site. It’s simple to set up and because we stream the data directly to you, developers don’t even have to learn how to get data out of Janrain.

Customer Identity Management platforms are useful for capturing social, behavioral, demographic and psychographic data but in order for the data to be utilized for analytics, personalization, targeting and other marketing requirements, integrations with various marketing platforms are necessary.

Companies interested in learning more about the value of Janrain’s Customer Identity Management platform and Export Services may visit to contact us for more information.

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Eric Schreiner

Eric Schreiner

Eric Schreiner brings over 18 years experience designing and implementing business solutions with the last 10 years focused on enterprise SaaS applications. His expertise blends system design and integration experience with his ability to align technology delivery to business processes, workflows and results. At Janrain, Eric leads our Product Management team, responsible for the cloud-native, multi-tenant Identity platform that forms Janrain’s core CIAM solution. Prior to Janrain, he worked with industry leaders in the aerospace, engineering and manufacturing industries to apply SaaS solutions to their hazardous chemical data and inventory management practices. Eric has B.A in Computer Science from the University of Oregon.

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