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Introducing Janrain Identity Groups - customer-defined access to devices and subscriptions

By Jamie Beckland | Posted on December 12, 2017

Identity management for connected devices

We’re happy to announce the availability of Janrain Identity Groups - a significant expansion of the capabilities of the Janrain Identity Cloud.

Janrain Identity Groups enables the creation of identities - not just for users but also for objects, such as content subscriptions, connected devices, even family members and pets. Janrain Identity Groups uses a flexible database architecture to expand the very definition of “identity” and capitalizes on Janrain’s infrastructure to provide the scalability needed to support the Internet of Things. We believe this is a game changer and a key step in the evolution of IoT.

How it Works

Janrain Identity Groups works by adding the concept of a grouping of identities around a central object - which can be a connected device, a subscription, or any other service or application that can be controlled by multiple people.

The administrator of that object has the ability to create new user accounts that can control the object and invite existing users to share the object. Administrators can also manage access to the object for various users and disable access of those users. With Janrain Identity Groups, administrators always stay in control of the objects that they own, based on the rights that the enterprise has defined.

What this means for brands

Password sharing is a significant obstacle to getting clear customer data. With Janrain Identity Groups, account owners are able to create and manage multiple sub-accounts for family members and trusted third parties. By clearly delineating which user is accessing specific content, brands get a clearer picture of individual customer journeys and the ability to personalize content and campaigns to each customer’s role and actions. The net result is better data for marketing and business intelligence and an improved user experience.

What this means for developers and project managers

The extension of identity management to objects and devices opens up innovation opportunities for app and device developers. Smart home technology can include the ability for device owners to manage access by family members, house sitters, installers and service technicians. Family subscriptions, with customizable levels of access, can be readily added to any application or site. In addition, Janrain Identity Groups provides a window into the relationships between multiple identities - owners, users, devices, service providers - that allows deeper user data for future development.

How Janrain Identity Groups can be used

Smart Homes Homeowners, children, technicians and customer service representatives need different permissions that reflect their interaction with a home alarm system. Kids might not have the ability to turn the system off at night, while repairmen and neighbors could be granted temporary access.

Smart Pet Products Pet owners create a universal identity for their dog, then allow access to the veterinarian, family members or the dog sitter across multiple portals based on their needs and responsibilities.

Medical Devices Medical equipment containing sensitive patient data can be federated so that doctors are granted full access, nurses are enabled to administer care only, healthcare providers are limited to a view of account and billing information and manufacturers can solely deliver upgrades and maintenance.

Content Subscriptions Media companies and publishers can allows registered users to create multiple “family member” accounts - giving companies a clearer picture of who is accessing content for more accurate business intelligence and more personalized customer experiences.

How to learn more

Janrain Identity Groups is available as an add-on to the Janrain Identity Cloud®. To learn more about Janrain Identity Groups and to discuss how it can be used by your organization, contact Janrain sales and service.

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