Introducing Janrain Segments

One thing we have heard consistently from marketers is that they want to create more personalized customer experiences, but building and maintaining personalized experiences is really hard work. 1:1 marketing requires a lot of content, seamless connectivity, and a connected customer identity.

janrain_segmentsFor years, Janrain has been responsible for the customer identity, allowing customers to connect with brands whenever and wherever they choose. Now, we are extending our platform to help make sense of all the rich data that we collect; and make it easier than ever for brands to build targeted communications across all channels.

That’s why we are launching a new product, Janrain Segments. Segments takes all of the data that we collect about customers, and analyzes it into identity- and behavior-rich segments, to improve personalized marketing efforts.

Janrain Segments enriches the customer identity platform by utilizing the latest in data science to surface new behavior-based customer insights. By integrating this within our existing platform, brands can focus on the important things like developing great customer experience that are truly personalized. While brands focus on KPIs, Janrain Segments analyzes the details of each customer record for profile data that matches the most meaningful customer segments, and appends the record with this new detail.

As budgets are getting tighter, marketers are looking for the best ways to improve targeting efforts to achieve higher ROIs on advertising programs. This means distributing the right content, to the right audience, through the right channels at the right time. Through consumer insights, like Janrain Segments, brands can attain their goals and ultimately deliver the best customer experiences.

To learn more about Segments, view our data sheet here.

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