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Introducing Our New Customer Care Portal

By Andres de Lucca | Posted on February 10, 2015

Introducing Our New Customer Care Portal

We’re excited to announce the release of our latest platform feature: the Janrain Customer Care Portal. Now, all clients storing customer profile data will have the ability to view or make changes to customer records with an easy-to-use interface optimized for the unique needs of customer service teams and agents. Below, we’ve outlined just a few of the key portal use cases to help illustrate the power of this new enterprise tool.

Documents checkpoint-please hold.

Joe is a customer service representative for a big pharmaceutical company. The company has a network of sites with a wealth of product resources, however, access is restricted to doctors only. This means that every time someone tries to access one of these sites, the customer service team must confirm that these new users are, in fact, legitimate medical practitioners.

Every morning, Joe’s team uses the Janrain Customer Care Portal to search for records created during the last 24 hours across all of their sites, and compiles a list for validation. Joe opens each profile created in his queue, enters their information in an external system, and after validating their license number changes their profile to “active” status. The new user can now access restricted sites, and the system automatically sends a welcome email to notify the user that their account has been validated.

Who made this change?

Sophie is on the customer service team for a large print media company. She’s now on the phone with Jack, a customer who says it’s now the second time he has had to call in to change the the billing address for his monthly subscription.

“I don’t understand,” he says, “it was working just fine, and suddenly it stopped.” Sophie asks for his email; the line has some feedback and she’s not sure about the exact spelling of his name. She uses the fuzzy search operator in the Customer Care Portal to locate Jack’s account, and confirms his first and last name against a short list of potential matches. She opens the Profile Card and sees the address “sounds” like the one Jack is providing, but is misspelled. She clicks on the Audit Log tab and sees all the edits that have been made to the record since it was created, including timestamp, the name of the person that made the edit, previous value, and new value for the field edited.

She confirms the approximate date when that Jack says he initially called, and sees that it matches the date when the address was changed last. It looks like John, the new guy on her team, made the change-she’ll mention to him that he should check for spelling when taking key customer information over the phone. Sophie tells Jack about the typo, apologizes and asks him to spell the address this time to make sure the record is updated accurately.

Where’s my validation email?

Brian handles inquiries into the customer service email address for a small regional non-profit. They allow people to register the “traditional” way-donors and volunteers complete a registration form that requires name, email address, password and two checkboxes to opt-in-one for a monthly email newsletter, and another for interest in volunteering. Because new registrants must create a password to modify their information or preferences, issues sometimes arise with forgotten passwords or lost account validation emails.

On Monday at 9AM, Brian sees a new message in the customer service inbox. The user says she created the account yesterday, but she never received the account validation email and is now unable to login. Brian knows this is an easy fix. He searches for the account record using the provided email address, opens the profile card, and confirms it’s the same user. Indeed, the email field is not showing as “verified.” Brian clicks on Resend Verification Email and writes back to the volunteer, informing her that she should expect a new email within just a few minutes.

You can learn more about Customer Care Portal features and what it means for your business over in the Newsroom. If you’re interested in putting this new feature to work for your organization, contact your account manager or to find out how to configure your portal.

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