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Janrain adds multi-factor and mobile passwordless authentication

By Janrain Team | Posted on September 29, 2016

Janrain adds multi-factor and mobile passwordless authentication

Today, we are proud to announce our addition of multi-factor and mobile passwordless authentication to our platform. This comes as we continue our commitment to security and ensuring the safety of customer and client data.

Multi-factor authentication streamlines account registration, reduces fraud and protects everyone by adding an additional authentication step during the registration and login process. It allows customers to:

  • Use phone verification to improve account security, simplify account registration process and increase conversions.
  • Securely verify end users at account registration using mobile password authentication and authentication through SMS.
  • Protect brand reputation and users by adding a second layer of protection to user accounts beyond just passwords.


Mobile passwordless authentication simplifies account registration process and increases conversions. Mobile passwordless authentication is a simple process using a user’s mobile device during the registration process. A one-time PIN is sent to the user’s mobile device to confirm the validity of the user. Users simply repeat the process to log in. There is no need to create passwords during registration or to remember combination passwords to log in.

By adding mobile passwordless authentication and multi-factor authentication to our platform, we increase security measures for all of our clients. If you want to learn more about our commitment to security, you can read more here.

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