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Janrain and Kevy Make Personalized Marketing Easier

By Jeff Mills | Posted on December 03, 2013

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Over the years, whether I was working with clients in my agency days or working “client-side” within an organization, I have often heard comments such as: “we don’t have that information on our customers” or “unfortunately, we can’t get that information out of that system in a way we can use it.” Based on my experiences and those shared by friends and business partners, I have learned that this pain-point is pretty common regardless of company size or industry. And it’s one of the reasons I get so jazzed about working for Janrain – we’re making it easy for our clients to know their customers in order to personalize every interaction.


There are two parts to achieving this goal: 1) capturing the right data and 2) being able to utilize that data to deliver the experience. We have effectively solved the first part and made great strides on the second part, but the second part is sort of an infinite loop.

The infinite loop part comes in the fact that there is always another system to which you need to pass data. These type of integrations can be difficult and messy. This is why I’m so pleased to see Kevy announce that Janrain customers can now integrate their customer profile data with a wide set of cloud apps in Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, eCommerce, and CRMs to create a single platform to deliver personalized marketing to their customers.

Kevy’s technology empowers companies to use a single platform for their unique Janrain integration needs and utilizes multiple integration options ranging from real-time data syncs to batch transfers and even historical syncs. Simply put, they make it super easy to connect and sync Janrain and their other cloud-based applications. At the end of the day, that means our clients can more effectively utilize the customer data we help them collect.

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