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Janrain Announces Support for FICAM OpenID 2.0 Profiles

By Max Spector | Posted on January 16, 2012

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Janrain is happy to announce that websites can now achieve FICAM-compliant site authentication through Janrain Engage. FICAM is a U.S. government-wide initiative that seeks to reform and standardize the transmission and storage of digital credentials for online users via secure authentication and external identity management.

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Janrain leverages the OpenID 2.0 specification to act as an abstraction layer between a website and the identity provider. Janrain Engage makes it turnkey to achieve FICAM compliant authentications by

  • ensuring that users login to the website using one of the OIX Certified identity providers such as Google, PayPal, or VeriSign
  • requesting and verifying that FICAM policies were applied to the authentication
  • providing the option to filter out all personally identifiable information(PII) stored in the user’ s social or commerce identity before completing the authentication transaction

Janrain Engage dramatically reduces the total cost of implementing and maintaining a FICAM compliant authentication system for your website. To learn more please contact Janrain.

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